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Intern Program

The Foundation funds and coordinates the hiring of native - German speaking college teaching interns to work at either the Milwaukee German Immersion School (MGIS) or the Milwaukee School of Languages (MSL), providing valuable exposure for the students.  The ability to bring these interns to help in the classrooms would not be possible without donations that cover the fees and related expenses for each intern and the generosity of the host families who provide housing each semester.


During the last few years, the Foundation has been able to support as many as five to seven interns a semester, which requires as many as 24 host families for a single year.  Families are able to host an intern for as little as 9 weeks or as much as a full semester.


Families who have hosted in the past have found the experience very rewarding, benefited from learning more about the German culture and having a native speaker able to regularly interact with their children to increase their language skills.  Many have made friends for life and have visited their interns when traveling to Europe.

Families interested in hosting an intern, please contact us at

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Jacqueline Stucke.PNG


My name is Jacqueline Stucke and I am a 22 years old student from Germany.

I am studying German language, Mathematics and Sports at the university in Bielefeld in order to become a primary school teacher.

I was born in a city called Gütersloh, which is a small town located in Nordrhein-Westfalen and spent there most of my childhood together with my parents.

After my graduation I travelled to Tansania for three months and laboured there in a diving school as well as in a sea turtle aquarium as volunteer.

It was especially interesting to get to know another culture that is totally different to the German and besides to meet so many new people who I can call my friends now.

After my time in Africa I moved to Bielefeld with my best friend and started to study to become a teacher which has been my dream as long as I can remember. Every weekend I was working in a coffee store, doing lots of sports like going to the gym and meeting my friends.

Because there are only a few possibilities to get to know the typical working day of a primary teacher in my study, I am looking forward to complete an internship for a few months. I really wanted to combine this internship with my passion to travel as well as my interest in other cultures. For that reason I applied for this internship.

 - Jacqueline Stucke

Christina Bause.PNG

My name is Christina Bause and I’m 23 years old. I was born in Arnsberg, located in North Rhine-Westphalia. Since 2016, I have been studying English and History for my Bachelor of Education degree at Paderborn University. I am a cheerful and optimistic person and like to face new challenges. That is one of the reasons I decided I want to do an internship in the United States. My internship at MGIS will be from September 16th, to January 31st. I believe that this internship can offer me so much more than just improving my English skills. Learning more about American culture and traditions has always interested me. I am very curious, what impressions I will get during my stay here. I have always loved working with children, that's why I knew from a very early point in time, that I want to become a teacher. As a teacher, it is especially important to be able to take into account the different needs of the students. Getting the opportunity to practice this ability during my internship at MGIS means very much to me. I think it is very helpful to be able to compare different styles and techniques of teaching. Since I only know the German school and educational system, I am very excited to get to know the American one and think about differences and similarities.

I am especially grateful to my host family and the school that they are giving me the opportunity to gain these new experiences by welcoming me and taking me in.

 - Christina Bause

Jennifer Backerbauer.PNG

Hi, my name is Jenni! I am 22 years old and I was born in beautiful Bavaria in the south of Germany. My parents are Christian and Manuela and I have an older brother whose name is Kevin.
    As a member of the Youth Red Cross I enjoy teaching children first aid and taking part in tent camps.

In my spare time I usually meet with friends to play volleyball or go to the movies, and recently I started practicing my piano skills again after a 5-year-break from playing.
At the moment I am studying to become a teacher at the University of Augsburg, I always wanted to be a teacher of English and German, I enjoy learning new languages (I learned French in school and I am currently trying to learn Italian) and getting to know other cultures, which are the two main reasons I decided to take this unique opportunity of both learning about the American classroom and the American culture, in order to be a more authentic English teacher for my future students.

- Jennifer Backerbauer

Josie Staats.PNG

Hello everyone,
My name is Josie Staats and I am 21 years old. I am studying the subjects English and German for a teaching degree at the University of Leipzig, where I have been living for the past three years. I grew up in the
village of Kriebstein in Saxony, which has a beautiful fortress.
In my free time, I love spending time with my friends and play
board games with them. I also like to bake, take walks and go kayaking (but I do this way to rarely). My favorite hobby, however, are books: I read all the time and I also started writing myself. I am very excited to spend the school year at MGIS and I hope to make some
great memories and get to know you all.

- Josie Staats

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